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Hand cut heart shaped pendant is a unique gift that your loved one can say everything. Whether you choose any gemstone from which will be produced by heart, know that identical piece of the world does not exist. Each is unique.

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Green Aventurine is extremely suitable for moments of tension - so make sure to take from you, if you need a proper understanding of the tense situation. Return things back under control and is very helpful in unfavorable and harmful conditions.
Green Aventurine is a stone that acts highly positively to everything that is related to the prosperity and wealth. It is strongly linked to the realm of devas, used to protect gardens or home from geopathogenic zone. Aventurine which you carry with you, absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollutants. Unless attach it to a mobile phone, also ensures protection against light coming out of it.
Green Aventurine stabilizes mental condition, promotes responsiveness and enhances creativity. Teaches a sensitive perception of the different possibilities and options solutions - especially those with which they rest. Aventurine combined into one layer of her intellectual and emotional personality. It helps to relieve anger and irritation. It encourages expressions of feelings and helps us to remain at the heart of another person.

Green Aventurine has a positive effect on the thyroid tissue provides a link to the nervous system. It helps maintain the balance of blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism. Lowers cholesterol, it will prevent arteriosclerosis and outbreaks of allergies. It helps to relieve migraine and has beneficial effects on the eyes. Aventurine treated adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscle and urogenital system. In the form of an elixir brings relief from skin problems.
If necessary, anywhere on the body.

Astrological assignment: it is especially helpful for signs - Cancer, Virgo and Taurus.

Diameter of pendant: 1.6 cm

The pendant is supplied as standard without chain. If you want the chain, it is necessary to write in order to comment Code of chain you want. Silver is silver plated. Surcharge for the chain is € 3.99. You can choose the chain category: Silver chains.

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