Bracelet - Amethyst - FI 6 mm

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If you want to decorate your wrist and at the same time do something for your health, this model is ideal for you. Perfect choice for you are bracelets jewels.

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Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone with great protective power, endowed with a high spiritual vibration. Prevents the wearer from psychic attacks by their energy into love.

Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing power. It also supports the spiritual awareness of all related matters. Traditionally it is worn as a means of preventing drunkenness. It acts against intemperance and excessive physical lust. It supports sobriety. Overcome addiction and blocks any kind.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind that it is able to soothe and cheer. If you meditate, your thoughts are turning away from all worldly towards soothing and deeper knowledge. Can allay concerns, improve concentration and keep everything under control, what is being spend on. To promote the recruitment of new ideas.

Amethyst has a positive effect on the ability of decision-making. It strengthens healthy rational thinking and encourages the owner and his spiritual insight. Simultaneously it supports converting intentions into reality.

Amethyst stimulates production hormónov.Posilňuje excretory organs and immune system. This is a great blood purifier. Amethyst can relieve the physical, emotional and mental pain or stresu.Zmierňuje from headaches and releases tension. This reduces stone bruising, heals wounds and helps to relieve swelling. Amethyst treats insomnia and ensures a restful sleep.

It can be worn or attached as required - especially if they are part of jewelry. . Amethyst particularly beneficial when worn around the neck so that it rests at heart. In case of insomnia or nightmares insert stone under the pillow. Amethyst fades in the sun.

Length: individual, you need to write in order notes into circumference of your hand on the strait.

Bracelets are manufactured to order according to your wishes. Please dear customers to be patient when we delay with production.

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